Monday, September 15, 2014

Cookie365 Update

thanks to the test credentials provided by Roel, I was able to reproduce the error "Retrieving Cookies....[ERROR]:Buffer cannot be null" many of you encountered.

As far as I was able to understand, this happens when there is not an ADSF federation in place with Office365.
So I did a change on the code and it seems to be working fine. Please let me know.

I also added the possibility do mount directly a sharepoint disk from the utility.

Regarding the minor bug pointed out by Yu Zhang about cookie expiration, I think this is the correct behavior. The utility is setting in IE the same expiry date/time as it's received from the server. Anyway, just to do some tests, I added a command line option to augment the expiry date. This way the cookies will be stored on disk. However I'm not so sure it will work, since on the server side the validity of the cookie will expire before.

Here is the Cookie365 v0.2 ChangeLog:

  1. Corrected a bug related to non ADSF federated sharepoint sites which caused the ""Retrieving Cookies....[ERROR]:Buffer cannot be null" error
  2. Introduced a feature to mount (-mount [disk]) a sharepoint site as a disk directly from cookie365
  3. Introduced a feature to lengthen the expiration of the cookies stored in the browser (-expire [minutes]). Beware, the correct expiration is set by the server and Cookie365 sets the same expiration in the browser... so changing it on the client side could lead to unexpected behaviors.
  4. Minor revisions to the command line parsing logic

Please let me know how it works.

Here you can download the latest version Cookie365 v.02.
Here you can find the latest Beta version Cookie365 v0.4

Special thanks to Roel for providing me with a test account to reproduce the issues.