Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Cookie 365 release !

Hi All, I am releasing a new version of Cookie365 - Version v0.5.

What's new:
- Added the "-homedir" option in order to mount OneDrive For Business drive for a specific user. When used with "-mount" option it will mount a disk with the OneDrive For Business path for a specific user (\DavWWWRoot\personal\<user>)
- Source code available under GNU Public Licensing

Here you can find Cookie365-v0.5 and here the VisualStudio package released under GPL licensing.

Following you can find the currently available switches for Cookie365:

-s <sharepoint URL> (e.g.

-u <user>: if you are not using ADFS you can specify a username with the format
-p <password>: if you are not using ADFS you need to specify your password
-d <domain>: if you are using ADFS but your internal domain is different from Office365 domain you can specify a different Office365 domain with the format 
-quiet: be quiet...
-mount: if you specify a disk name (e.g. z:) it will be used, otherwise the OS will assign the first available disk. Optionally you can specify the -homedir option in order to mount the drive with the path for the specific OneDrive For Business user (\DavWWWRoot\personal\<user>)


Fabio Cuneaz